Inspire Texas certifies highly-qualified teachers, counselors, principals & superintendent for the Houston, TX area. Get info on certification for you!



Preparing confident educators who inspire children in Houston, TX, and surrounding areas to develop their potential is our priority. We believe that if you are confident in your skills, then your students will be confident in you. If your students believe in you, then you can push them to reach their true potential, and that will make the world a better place. If you believe in their future, then you have come to the right place.


At the request of school districts within the Region 4 Education Service Center area, a Houston-based alternative certification program bearing its namesake, Region 4 Alternative Certification Program, was approved by the Texas Education Agency in 1990. The first cohort of teachers was certified in 1991.
The program has certified over 19,000 educators since its inception.
To better reflect our educational mission, Region 4 Alternative Certification Program’s name was changed in 2015 to INSPIRE TEXAS | Educator Certification by Region 4 and continues to be recognized by school district administrators as the premier alternative certification program in Houston, TX. Two National Bilingual Teachers of the Year and many other outstanding educators have completed our programs.

INSPIRE TEXAS continues to focus on preparing highly qualified teachers for schools and children statewide. We are the leaders in quality education for our future—the children of Texas.

Click here to learn more about our parent organization, Region 4 Education Service Center. 


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