Inspire Texas certifies highly-qualified teachers, counselors, principals & superintendent for the Houston, TX area. Get info on certification for you!

Message from the Director

Dr. Rene Ruiz, Region 4 Teacher Certification in Houston, TXWe are proud to offer the most innovative and comprehensive alternative certification program for educators who believe in making a significant difference in the lives of students. 

I am especially proud of the INSPIRE TEXAS vision, which values children and their futures first. That is something I take to heart as an alumnus of our very first international cohort of educators in 1992. In addition, my experience as a public school teacher and administrator has helped forge my perspective on training high-quality teachers and school administrators.

Strong leadership at each level of our certification programs—teacherprincipal, and superintendent—is at the core of our success in developing a new generation of educators. We are interested not only in producing confident teachers, but also in helping educators during their careers. We are one of the only alternative certification programs in Texas to offer all four certifications.


I encourage you to consider INSPIRE TEXAS as your source for quality instruction, solid relationships with Texas school districts, and unyielding commitment to developing young minds.
Rene Ruiz, Ed.D. | Director, INSPIRE TEXAS | Educator Certification by Region 4

7145 West Tidwell Road Houston, TX 77092
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