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“teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops.”   —henry brooks adams
Some may say that teaching is a calling; for others, teaching is a career change or an opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of students. Whatever the motivation, there is a fundamental drive to inspire young minds to realize their potential and improve their prospects in life. If you want to inspire young minds and help them realize their potential, then teaching is for you. 
In other words, teachers tirelessly work toward the moment when students “get it,” and from that moment, learning becomes an exhilarating journey for teachers as well as students.  We offer solutions to professionals that are asking themselves how to become a teacher. 

Inspire Texas guides prospective teachers toward their goals, offering invaluable training and experience in the Houston area.

The INSPIRE TEXAS curriculum is designed for college graduates and real-world professionals who seek quality instruction combined with a convenient schedule for becoming a certified state teacher in Texas. Training consists of either 24 weeks of training for online certification or 14 weeks of blended training (in-person sessions plus online instruction) in educational theory and practice. After training and having passed the correspondingTExES content test, you have the choice to participate in a 1-year paid teaching internship or a 14 week guided clinical teaching assignment. 

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