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Teacher Certification in Houston TX

Have you been asking yourself how to become a teacher?


INSPIRE TEXAS offers alternative teacher certification programs and is here for you as you embark on your path to certification and ultimately, the professional ranks of educators in Texas school districts and charter schools.


Our staff includes Texas teachers, principals, counselors and superintendents who possess a wealth of experience in the classroom and act as mentors to aspiring educators. Program certification recipients may attend INSPIRE TEXAS job fairs, workshops and conferences held throughout the year.



We Can Help You Become A Teacher Today!


Your success as an INSPIRE TEXAS alum makes a positive impact with not only our children, but with entire communities and beyond. Having trained more than 15,000 educators since 1990, our passion for preparing teachers, principals and superintendents in the 21st century only gets stronger. 

With INSPIRE TEXAS, you will have the tools – and the support – to make a difference.


Please contact us today to speak to someone and get more information about starting your teaching career today!


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