Tips for a Successful Interview

If you are a certified teacher or enrolled in an alternative certification program and are in search of a position at a district or charter school, take steps to prepare for finding your first teaching job. This checklist will ensure that you’re prepared for a successful interview.
Before the Interview
  • Update your resume and letter of introduction. Be sure to have multiple copies printed in a folder.
  • Gather a pen and paper for notes.
  • Prepare questions to ask employers during the interview.
  • Prepare a professional, neatly ironed outfit.
  • Be aware of the location and distance from your residence.
Day of the Interview
  • Wake up early and eat a nutritious breakfast.
  • Boost your confidence by practicing how you will introduce yourself to others.
  • Gather your resume, letter of introduction, and other supplies.
  • Arrive early.
  • Get the business cards of those you meet.
After the Interview
  • Connect with your new contacts via e-mail and on a professional social media network.
  • Follow up with the employers.
Check the INSPIRE TEXAS website for more information about becoming a teacher.
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