Become a Substitute Teacher

“You have a substitute today” is music to a student’s ears. A substitute teacher stands in for a teacher when he or she is sick or can’t make it to class for other reasons.
A lot of students see a substitute teacher as an opportunity to act out, but the substitutes of INSPIRE TEXAS Online Substitute Training are equipped to enter any classroom. Substitute teaching is the football game before entering the Super Bowl® as a teacher, and at INSPIRE TEXAS, we have the perfect game plan.
There are several reasons someone may choose to be a substitute teacher. He or she may enjoy benefits like a flexible schedule and practical experience. INSPIRE TEXAS candidates are encouraged to use substitute teaching as a bridge to teaching. INSPIRE TEXAS Online Substitute Training is a convenient, cost-effective way to build a resume and get on-the-job training before becoming a teacher.
Substitute teaching also is a recommended path if you are considering the education profession but aren’t 100% certain you want to be a teacher. Substitute teaching allows you to explore the role of a teacher. You have the opportunity to interact with students, and you experience different school environments. It gives you the hands-on experience and knowledge you need to make an informed decision about your future.
Several years ago, the National Education Association acknowledged the shortage of substitute teachers in the school system. So, if this is a path you’re considering, you are valued and needed in today’s education system. INSPIRE TEXAS Online Substitute Training is just a click away.

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